Retail Spotlight: Supreme Men’s Wear Owner Darren Biedermann

Retail Spotlight: Supreme Men’s Wear Owner Darren Biedermann on Where Rockies

Photo by Rob McMorris

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Supreme Men’s Wear has become a lifelong project for Darren Biedermann, from starting as a teenager, to taking over for his father in 1995, to celebrating the store’s 70th anniversary this year. Supreme is a fashion-forward boutique that offers premium men’s garments that can be ready-to-wear or customized. Not content to rest on his laurels, Biedermann also designs his own collection of luxurious, hand-crafted dress shirts.

What is your business philosophy?
Supreme is a catalyst for change using fashion to connect aware and beauty-filled people who are making a difference. We hire real people who love people and fashion and try our best to ensure everyone leaves Supreme feeling great about life.

What inspired you to start designing your own line of clothing?
You see the obvious cycle of fashion. A new collection comes along, focused on quality, and they count on the independent businesses to promote the brand so one day they can get it into the majors. Many things then transpire that make it difficult for independents to compete. The focus shifts to produce as much as possible for profit and collections are compromised. We then search out and promote the next up-and-coming brand. Something needs to break the cycle. Biedermann Connection><Collection was created to be shared exclusively with the passionate independents and never be compromised.

Staying in business for 70 years is no small feat. How do you keep attracting new generations of customers?
Operating a luxury men’s fashion retail store in the heart of downtown Calgary for 70 years shows the love we have for Calgary and the love Calgary has for Supreme. We are proud to open our doors and share what we have created. It really comes down to the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. That simple. The world has more than enough stuff. We go the extra mile to find more than just stuff to present. We blend it all together to offer up an experience.

How has the fashion industry, in Calgary or just in general, changed over the last 30 years?
Awareness and individualism. Your clothing is your social skin; it has a direct effect on how you experience life. More and more people are becoming aware and connecting all the time. Quality fashions are a great investment. There is a huge benefit to supporting local small business. The best of times for honest, quality fashions is now.


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