Discover Calgary Farmers’ Market Through Local Food and Crafts

Discover Calgary Farmers’ Market Through Local Food and Crafts on Where Rockies

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The Calgary Farmers’ Market, with its two locations, serves as a vibrant cornerstone of the local community. It offers a rich assortment of vendors and a bustling atmosphere. Each location, whether in the South or West, brings its own unique flavour and offerings, making each visit a new adventure. 

Distinctive Features of Each Location
The Calgary Farmers’ Market South is a treasure trove of over 70 vendors, featuring everything from fresh local produce to international cuisine and organic products. Families can spend a day shopping and eating in the expansive food hall or playing at the Barnyard Kids indoor playground.

In contrast, the Calgary Farmers’ Market West market offers a spacious setting for shopping and dining. Its location near the Trans Canada Highway makes it a convenient stop for travellers headed to the mountains. The market hosts over 65 vendors, providing a wide variety of local and artisanal products in its 400-seat food court.

Spotlight on Local Offerings
One notable vendor at the Calgary Farmers’ Market South location is 2 Greek Gals, a family-run stall specializing in authentic Greek cuisine. The business started in 1997, inspired by the owner’s passion for cooking traditional Greek dishes. Today, they offer a range of Greek meals and snacks, including vegan options, and a selection of frozen meals perfect for taking home.

Absolutely Fabulous Face Painting also stands out in the Calgary Farmers’ Market South location. Started by Liz after her daughter’s fascination with face painting, the business now delights customers of all ages with artistic face and arm painting, glitter tattoos, and hair adornments, all using skin-friendly cosmetics.

Alberta Poultry & Meats at the Calgary Farmers’ Market West is renowned for its high-quality, locally sourced meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones. Emphasizing sustainable and humane farming practices, they offer a variety of meats and expert advice on how to prepare them, enriching Calgary’s farm-to-table scene.

Beeland Market, also located at the Calgary Farmers’ Market West, brings the natural sweetness of the Rockies to the market. Specializing in GMO-free honey produced in Spillamacheen, BC, Beeland Market offers a range of honey and gourmet products that reflect their commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

A Community and Cultural Hub
Both locations of the Calgary Farmers’ Market are more than just places to shop. They are centers for community engagement and cultural activities, hosting regular events that include live music and kid-friendly entertainment. These markets support local farmers and artisans, while also providing a lively venue for the community to gather and share in the local bounty.

The Calgary Farmers’ Market, with its dual locations, embodies the spirit of community and local entrepreneurship. It offers a delightful mix of culinary treats, artisanal crafts, and vibrant entertainment, ensuring that every visit is both enriching and enjoyable for people from all walks of life. 

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