10 Epic Bike Pathways in Calgary

10 Epic Bike Pathways in Calgary on Where Rockies

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Welcome to Calgary, where every cyclist finds a path to joy! With the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America, Calgary invites you to kick summer into high gear. Explore the city's scenic vistas and urban charms on two wheels. Here’s a lively tour of the top bike pathways where every turn and trail promises a new discovery.

Start at the iconic Peace Bridge and follow the Bow River Pathway to Edworthy Park. This popular route offers stunning views of the city skyline and is perfect for those who enjoy vibrant urban scenery mixed with natural beauty. The pathway is bustling with energy and provides ample opportunities to explore the riverside parks and stop at the trendy boutiques and cafes in Kensington.

For a tranquil ride, the Glenmore Reservoir offers a 16km loop that passes through the Weaselhead Natural Area. This path circles one of Calgary’s largest bodies of water and is well-suited for cyclists who appreciate calm waters and quiet trails, offering a peaceful escape from the urban rush.

Prince’s Island Park, located in the heart of downtown within the Bow River, features paved pathways that are ideal for a relaxed cycling experience. The park is a beautiful spot for observing local waterfowl and enjoying the lush, park surroundings amidst the bustling city.

Fish Creek Provincial Park provides a different type of adventure with its extensive network of trails that cater to the whole family. As one of the largest urban parks in Calgary, it offers diverse landscapes and is a fantastic spot for a day-long cycling journey filled with wildlife sightings and natural exploration.

Nose Hill Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, offers a rugged escape with vast natural grasslands and spectacular city views. Its trails provide a dramatic contrast to the urban environment and are perfect for cyclists looking for a more challenging ride.

Nearby, Riley Park offers a more genteel cycling experience with well-maintained paths that wind through historical sites and beautiful gardens. It’s adjacent to the Kensington shopping district, making it a great starting or ending point for a day filled with activities.

Bowmont Park appeals to those seeking both paved paths and challenging terrain. Located on the northern bank of the Bow River, it includes single-track trails that offer a bit of adventure amidst stunning natural settings, including a picturesque waterfall.

Bowness Park is another fantastic destination for a leisurely ride. With its flat paths, boat rentals, and abundant picnic spots, it’s a popular spot for families and recreational cyclists. The park’s proximity to the river and variety of leisure activities make it a full-day destination.

For those who enjoy beautifully landscaped surroundings, Confederation Park offers pathways that are perfect for a relaxing ride. The park is equipped with amenities like picnic areas and tennis courts, making it ideal for a leisurely day out with stops for rest and recreation.

Finally, Eau Claire Park provides a scenic urban route starting from the Bow River Pathway. This path offers exceptional views of downtown and the Saddledome, which is ideal for those who want to combine a bit of city sightseeing with cycling.

Each of these pathways showcases Calgary's diverse offerings, from bustling urban trails to serene escapes into nature. They each provide a unique cycling experience, encouraging residents and visitors alike to explore the city's beauty and vibrancy. Whether you’re in search of a vigorous workout or a peaceful spin, Calgary’s bike pathways are ready to deliver unforgettable two-wheeled adventures. So, grab your bike and explore the joys of cycling in Calgary!

Naureen Othi