Calgary Stampede Midway Food 2024: A Culinary Adventure

Calgary Stampede Midway Food 2024: A Culinary Adventure on Where Rockies

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The Calgary Stampede is known for its thrilling rides, live entertainment, and of course, its adventurous midway food. This year, the Stampede has unveiled a variety of unique and mouth-watering treats that promise to tantalize your taste buds. From quirky ice cream flavours to spicy snacks, here are some of the most interesting new foods you can try at the 2024 Calgary Stampede.


Cheeseburger Ice Cream

Yes, you read that correctly. This unconventional treat from Concessions Inc. is a vanilla-infused BBQ-flavored ice cream served in a waffle cone. It's then dunked in hot cheese and sprinkled with sesame seeds. To top it off, it's garnished with an onion ring and a pickle. This bizarre yet intriguing combination is perfect for those looking to try something completely out of the ordinary.

Cheeseburger Ice Cream from the Calgary Stampede


Pickle Fry Poutine

Pickle lovers rejoice! The Pickle Fry Poutine from Mr. Vegetable combines freshly brined, seasoned, and fried pickle fries with Quebec cheese curds and hot gravy. This unique twist on the classic Canadian dish adds a tangy crunch that pickle enthusiasts are sure to love. The dill flavour perfectly complements the savoury elements of the poutine, making it a standout item on the midway.

Pickle Fry Poutine from the Calgary Stampede


Gator Pepperoni Pizza

For the adventurous eater, the Gator Pepperoni Pizza from Avatara Pizza is a must-try. This pizza features a thin crust topped with low-fat mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, and artisan alligator pepperoni. The combination of unique flavours and the novelty of eating alligator make this pizza a conversation starter and a memorable culinary experience.

Gator Pepperoni Pizza from the Calgary Stampede

Ube Coconut Little Donuts

From the Little Donut Bakery comes a new take on a Stampede classic: Ube Coconut Little Donuts. These mini donuts are infused with ube, a purple yam from the Philippines, which gives them a distinctive colour and earthy flavour. Topped with ube cream and sweet coconut shavings, these donuts offer a delightful twist on the traditional treat.

Ube Coconut Little Donuts from the Calgary Stampede



Bringing a taste of Japan with a Western twist, the Cowboyaki from Happy Fish is a fusion dish that blends traditional Japanese takoyaki with Stampede flair. These ball-shaped snacks are filled with meat floss, octopus, seaweed strips, pickled ginger, and cabbage and then brushed with teriyaki sauce. The combination of flavours and textures makes Cowboyaki a must-try for foodies looking for something new and exciting.

Cowboyaki from the Calgary Stampede


Chamoy Lemonade

For those looking to quench their thirst with something unique, the Chamoy Lemonade from Lemon Heaven is a perfect choice. This drink combines classic lemonade with chamoy, a tangy and spicy Mexican condiment. Topped with chilli lime seasoning and peach rings, the Chamoy Lemonade offers a refreshing and flavorful sip that’s both sweet and spicy.

Chamoy Lemonade from the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede continues to push culinary boundaries with its diverse and daring midway food offerings. Whether you're a fan of the sweet, the savoury, or the spicy, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to explore these unique treats and more as you experience the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Naureen Othi, food images provided by Calgary Stampede