Exploring The Shooting Edge

Exploring The Shooting Edge on Where Rockies

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Established in 2000, The Shooting Edge is Calgary’s first indoor shooting range. It is renowned for offering an adrenaline-filled experience to both avid gun enthusiasts and those new to shooting sports.

Diverse Offerings

The Shooting Edge stands out as one of the city's most expansive multi-functional indoor sports shooting centers. It features the exclusive indoor 50-yard rifle bay in Calgary, catering to a wide range of shooting activities. This extensive facility ensures a safe and professional environment for all users, from beginners taking their first shot to experienced marksmen perfecting their aim.

Adding to the excitement, The Shooting Edge also houses Calgary’s most dynamic and enjoyable axe-throwing cages. This engaging activity is perfect for those looking for a different kind of challenge or a fun group competition.

More Than Just Shooting

Beyond the ranges, The Shooting Edge is home to one of Alberta’s premier firearm retail specialty stores. Equipped with a wide selection of gear and staffed by knowledgeable experts, the store meets all possible needs of shooting aficionados.

The complex also features a world-class training center offering educational courses that promote safe firearm handling and skill enhancement. The space is versatile enough to host various events, providing a unique setting for everything from corporate meetings to private celebrations.

Commitment to Community

As one of Alberta's foundational shooting ranges, The Shooting Edge has developed a strong bond with its community. Since its inception, the facility has contributed over $500,000 to local non-profit organizations. The facility champions community support through philanthropy and volunteerism, utilizing its resources to foster positive local impacts.

A Unique Adventure Awaits

Just a 10-minute drive from downtown Calgary, The Shooting Edge offers an easily accessible location for those seeking an urban adventure. The venue welcomes walk-ins every day of the week and features a spacious, open-concept eatery and fully licensed lounge for guests to relax. With activities that cater to all skill levels, it promises a day filled with excitement and learning.

For those looking to experience the thrill of firing a gun or the satisfaction of hitting a target with an axe, The Shooting Edge is the ideal destination. Discover the excitement of target sports at one of Calgary's top-rated indoor shooting ranges and axe-throwing facilities.

Naureen Othi