6 European Pastry Shops to Visit in Calgary

6 European Pastry Shops to Visit in Calgary on Where Rockies

La Boulangerie Bakery Café

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Whether you have just returned from that romantic trip in France, have a sweet-tooth craving, are feeling blue from the autumn rain or just want to explore what the different European tastes have to offer, these suggestions for European Pastry Shops will satisfy your pastry needs.



Located on the liveliest vein in the city, Rustic Sourdough Bakery & Deli has been serving the Calgary community for over 40 years. It offers sourdough bread and buns — popular throughout Central and Eastern Europe — as well as cakes and pastries. It also has a deli section, where the customers can purchase 80 types of meat, 40 different kinds of cheese and a wide selection of groceries imported from Europe. If you want to explore European cuisine, this is the place to go.

1305 17 Ave SW, rusticsourdoughbakery.com



This cute little café in the indie heart of Calgary is the perfect place to go when you’re feeling blue and need a little cheer-up. It lets you indulge in French-style pastries and cakes, tarts, crêpes and various sandwiches and soups. The place welcomes you with the warm, sweet smell of freshly made pastries and wraps you in a homey atmosphere. When the weather permits, you can also sit outside on a little patio and watch the hustle and bustle of Calgary life.

2435 4 St SW, la-boulangerie-calgary.com



This European bakery in the very centre of Calgary offers sweet and salty Eastern European and Balkan pastries. You can enjoy a fresh burek and quevap or poke around and explore the shelves stacked with imported goods from various European countries. The bakery also makes numerous cakes and tarts and many different types of bread. The attached deli offers a variety of meats and the wonderfully friendly ladies at the counter are sure to make your visit even more pleasant.

515 17 Ave SW, eurobakerydeli.com



This sweet French pastry shop located in Calgary’s northwest offers all that your sweet tooth might crave and more. The owner is a biomedical engineer by education but his passion for baking led him on a path to opening his own bakery. Crunchy, flaky croissants, éclairs and tarts are awaiting you!

1049 40 Ave NW



Tucked away just off Fourth Street, the colourful yellow and white house looks inviting even from a distance. Therein resides the France-trained chef Yann Blanchard, who got his experience and love for French pastries while working in his parents’ bakery in France. Once you enter, you will be surrounded by the sweet smells of various macarons, cakes, les petits gateaux and other treats just waiting to melt on your tongue.

329 23 Ave SW, yannboutique.com



Manuel Latruwe is a Belgian style pastry shop located in downtown Calgary. The owner, born and raised Belgian Manuel Latruwe, developed a knack for baking at an early age and transported his love over the ocean to Calgary. You will be greeted by a relaxed atmosphere in which you will be able to enjoy Belgian waffles, tarts, cakes or specialty croquet sandwiches.

1333 1 St SE, manuellatruwe.com

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