9 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants to Try in Calgary

9 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants to Try in Calgary on Where Rockies

Courtesy of The Allium

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In this day and age, being a vegan or a vegetarian is far from rare, and businesses are responding accordingly to this new demand. A few years ago, the only thing a vegetarian could eat at a restaurant were fries or a salad, in the recent years veggie restaurants have sprung up all over the place and as for menu choices, the sky is the limit — fortunately, Calgary’s culinary scene is no exception.



The Coup has become a somewhat classic in the vegetarian and vegan scene of Calgary and no wonder! Most of their ingredients come from local organic farms, their dishes are always fresh and made from scratch and their deep ecological ethics are an inspiration to many. Along with a wonderfully friendly staff, their culinary wonders that will appear on your plate, brimming with delicious goodies, will make this an experience your taste buds won’t forget any time soon!

924 17 Ave SW, thecoup.ca



This cute, plant-based restaurant located in the busy heart of Calgary’s beltline offers exclusive dishes made from locally sourced, ethical ingredients which are given a creative spin by the Allium’s chefs and the whole kitchen team. You won’t find any regular veggie spin-offs of carnivore meals here as the dishes are crafted individually and with a purpose to be valuable and yummy in their own right. Together with a wide selection of cocktails, the cozy environment full of hipster ceiling plant hangers filled with greenery, the muted colours, wood and large windows, this place will win your heart.

211a 12 Ave SW, theallium.ca

A person sits at a bar in a vegetarian restaurant. Courtesy of The Allium

Courtesy of The Allium



With two locations to choose from, this purely vegan café offers a wide variety of plant-based dishes, inspired by Thai, European and Canadian cuisine. There is no need to limit yourself when it comes to classics, such as burgers or even poutine! Their BBQ Pulled Porkless Burger made of jackfruit or Mac N’ Cheeze with homemade cashew cheezy sauce are simply finger-licking good.

4127 6 Street NE; 510 77 Ave SE, heartschoices.com



Located in the trendy Beltline district, this small family-owned café offers everything your veggie-loving heart desires. Their motto is to offer delicious, fast, plant-based meals that are healthy and affordable. SaVeg was born from the combination of Korean cuisine and vegan cooking. You can enjoy favourite classics with a delightful twist, such as “No Eggs Benedict” or “Fillet No Fish” and pair it with one of their fun smoothies, overflowing with fruit and all that is good and pure.

637 11 Ave SW, savegcafe.ca

Colourful dinner from a vegetarian restaurant on blue and white plate. Courtesy of saVeg

Courtesy of saVeg



This café, located in up-and-coming Ramsay, combines consciously chosen ingredients with delicious flavours in order to create unique dishes that will satisfy all your cravings. Their menu gradually changes throughout the year so as to always use seasonal produce. Try their signature Dandelion Bowl and enjoy one of their freshly squeezed juices.

1048 8 St SE, thedandelionyyc.ca


And where to take your carnivore friends so you can all enjoy a meal of your choice?


This bistro offers a wide range of plant and meat-based dishes for all times of day, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or anything in between. The chefs innovatively created a menu full of veggie and vegan options that will leave your tummy full and happy.

824 Edmonton Trail

Vegetarian REstaurants: Mighty Buddha Brunch Bowl, Namo Café & Bistro, credit curiocitycalgary

Mighty Buddha Brunch Bowl, Namo Café & Bistro, credit curiocitycalgary



East Indian cuisine in Calgary offers many choices to meat and plant lovers alike. Start your dining experience with a little appetizer, how about a delicious vegetable samosa? Then continue onto all your favourite veggie dishes from the Indian cuisine that will take you to the faraway lands.

1110 Panatella Blvd NW, tamarindcalgary.com



This contemporary all-day-restaurant will dazzle you with its chic, modern design and family-style dining. The variety of plant-based meals, salads and pasta to choose from is combined with fish and meat meals, so everyone leaves happy. The restaurant also offers a brunch menu and the Little Henry café right next door serves high-quality coffee and little nibbles.

1209 1 St SW, tenfoothenry.com

Two people sit at a table at one of Calgary's vegetarian restaurants

Courtesy of Ten Foot Henry



Who says Italian food is all about meat? This Italian street food bistro, with numerous branches throughout Calgary and popular among locals, offers delicious Italian food that everyone can enjoy. Their vegetarian piadina, pasta, pizza or insalate, topped up with Tuscan fries and a glass of original Italian beer makes this a place worth a visit.

1520 14 St SW; 7929 11 St SE; 104 Country Village Rd NE; 515-4700 130 Ave SE, viacibo.com

Grilled vegetable pizza from one of Calgary's vegetarian restaurants Via Cibo. Courtesy of Send and Receive

Grilled vegetable pizza from Via Cibo. Courtesy of Send and Receive


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