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Category: Eat

5 Must Eat Sweets Main Photo

5 Must Eat Sweets

Whether it’s just a nibble, something to share, or an indulgent treat for yourself to enjoy, Calgary is home to some pretty tasty finds unlike any other city has to offer.

Dinner at Home Main Photo

Dinner at Home

If you love a home-cooked meal but the idea of the prep exhausts you, you’ll want to let these restaurants take care of the dirty work!

Worth the Wait Main Photo

Worth the Wait

Over the past year, a few new businesses have emerged through the pandemic… Whereas some are still in deep hibernation awaiting the health of our city to restore.

Coffee in the City Main Photo

Coffee in the City

Whether it’s the first thing you look for when you wake or a cozy location for a late date, Calgary is home to a number of creative, award-winning and socially conscious coffeeshops, cafés and roasters.

Sweet Subscription Main Photo

Sweet Subscription

From delicious candy to homemade doughnuts and as-seen-on-tv cakes, get all the latest treats and sweets delivered to your door.

The Best Burger Main Photo

The Best Burger

Looking for the best burger in the city? Discover the classics, and our favourite hidden gems!

Refined Sugar Main Photo

Refined Sugar

Fine dining restaurants are usually recognized for their expertly prepared savoury entrees, professional service and well-curated wine lists. Save room for dessert at Calgary's elegant restaurants.

9 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants to Try in Calgary Main Photo

9 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants to Try in Calgary

In recent years vegetarian restaurants have sprung up all over the place and as for menu choices, the sky is the limit. Fortunately, Calgary’s culinary scene is no exception.

Interview: Vegan Chef Lexx Ambrose Main Photo

Interview: Vegan Chef Lexx Ambrose

When they were 19, Lexx Ambrose decided they wanted to be a chef. Now, Ambrose is a freelance vegan chef with their own company Plant Plate.

6 European Pastry Shops to Visit in Calgary Main Photo

6 European Pastry Shops to Visit in Calgary

Whether you have just returned from that romantic trip in France, have a sweet-tooth craving, are feeling blue from the autumn rain or just want to explore what the different European tastes have to offer, these suggestions for European-style bakeries (and more) will satisfy your pastry needs.