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Category: Best Food

Chin-Chin to Albertan Gin! There’s some new and crafty players in town Main Photo

Chin-Chin to Albertan Gin! There’s some new and crafty players in town

In the Calgary area, there are numerous new and notable gin crafters, both in and around the city limits. Who's your favourite distillery?

Calgary’s Best Old-Fashioned Diners Main Photo

Calgary’s Best Old-Fashioned Diners

If you get a kick out of nostalgic dining experiences, cast an eyeball at our top picks for old fashioned diners in Calgary and area.

Dinner at Home Main Photo

Dinner at Home

If you love a home-cooked meal but the idea of the prep exhausts you, you’ll want to let these restaurants take care of the dirty work!

Coffee in the City Main Photo

Coffee in the City

Whether it’s the first thing you look for when you wake or a cozy location for a late date, Calgary is home to a number of creative, award-winning and socially conscious coffeeshops, cafés and roasters.

Sweet Subscription Main Photo

Sweet Subscription

From delicious candy to homemade doughnuts and as-seen-on-tv cakes, get all the latest treats and sweets delivered to your door.

The Best Burger Main Photo

The Best Burger

Looking for the best burger in the city? Discover the classics, and our favourite hidden gems!

Interview: Vegan Chef Lexx Ambrose Main Photo

Interview: Vegan Chef Lexx Ambrose

When they were 19, Lexx Ambrose decided they wanted to be a chef. Now, Ambrose is a freelance vegan chef with their own company Plant Plate.

Calgary’s Top 5 Steakhouses Main Photo

Calgary’s Top 5 Steakhouses

Here are Where Calgary’s picks for top 5 steakhouses in Calgary from our 2019 Where to Dine Awards.

Make ‘Dry January’ Enjoyable with These 3 Drinks Main Photo

Make ‘Dry January’ Enjoyable with These 3 Drinks

In recent years, Dry January has grown in popularity, folding into the myriad of health-centred New Year’s resolutions.

Chef Spotlight: Rogelio Herrera Main Photo

Chef Spotlight: Rogelio Herrera

Rogelio Herrera has a succinct food philosophy: “I think local, but I cook global.”